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How to Get a Soft Money Loan with Stratton Equities

Stratton Equities has created a simple and easy process to receive a Soft Money Loan for your Real Estate Investment needs. We have an array of Soft Money loan programs that are designed for any type of Real Estate Investor to meet all your mortgage needs.


It doesn't matter what your loan scenario entails our quick and efficient approval process ensures that you get approved in a timely fashion with a dedicated Loan Officer working with your investment property.

The 3 Steps to Get a Soft Money Loan


Step 1: Find a Reliable Soft Money Lender in Your State

When looking for a soft money loan for your real estate investment property, it's important to find a reputable nationwide soft money lender. If you are looking for a soft money lender because you have been rejected by a bank, then you might rush to the first soft money lender you can find to get your loan quickly.

As a reminder, a Soft Money Loan is a term loan and requires a minimum credit score of 650 to be an eligible borrower.


Stratton Equities, the leading nationwide direct private and NON-QM lender, has the most diverse array of soft money loan programs Nationwide. We offer NO-DOC Soft Money Loans, Soft Money Rental Loans, and No-Income Verification Soft Money Loans.

Step 2: Apply for a Soft Money Loan

If you are ready with your real estate loan scenario and are prepared to apply for a soft money loan, it's important that when filling out a Loan-Approval Application you have the following information:

  • ​Property Type (ex. Commercial, Multi-Family, Mixed Use, etc)

  • Loan Purpose

  • Purchase Price

  • Credit Score

  • Target Closing Date

A loan officer will be in contact with you within 24 hours of submitting your loan application!

​Step 3: Receive the Soft Money Loan

Soft Money is an innovative new approach to NON-QM private money lending which combines the benefits of both NO-DOC loans and more traditional loans.

A soft money loan requires some underwriting, but far less than a traditional loan, allowing it to have lower rates than a hard money loan and greater security on a quicker timeframe. It is always a term loan and can go up to 85% LTV with no PMI unlike conventional loans that max out at 70% LTV.

The combination of higher rates, 30 year amortization, and a longer time frame makes the soft money loan a great fit for someone looking to purchase an investment property or get into real estate investing.

Contact Stratton Equities today to get started on your soft money loan application process!


Soft Money VS A Conventional Loan

A soft money loan requires some underwriting, but far less than a conventional loan from a bank. Additionally, due to the structure of the NON-QM term loan, Soft Money Loans can go up to 85% LTV unlike the 70% LTV max with conventional loan.

NO-DOC Soft Money loans do not require income verification or employment history and are advantageous for real estate entrepreneurs with high credit scores.

Eligible loan types on a soft money loan include purchase, rate and term, and cash-out refinance.

Contact Stratton Equities today to get started on your soft money loan application process!

Are You First Time Real Estate Investor?

You're in the right place! Stratton Equities helped thousands of first time real estate investors and experienced borrowers on their investment properties.
Our team of loan officers will walk real estate beginners through the entire loan process to  ensure you're well informed about soft money lending.
As a soft money lender and private money lender, we are fully equipped to help you with all real estate investing programs.