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Nationwide Soft Money Lending for Real Estate Investors

Stratton Equities is the leading hard money and NON-QM mortgage lender for real estate investors in the United States.  If you have an investment property and are looking for funding, enter your details in our mortgage calculator! 


With the largest library of NON-QM and Soft Money mortgage loan programs under one roof, we here at Stratton Equities pride ourselves on tailoring the perfect mortgage loan options for each individual client’s needs nationwide.


A solid real estate investing experience, a highly appraised property as a collateral along with a high estimated profit margin are important factors for a Direct Private Money Lender, like Stratton Equities to fund a deal.


While a private money loan can take place when friends and family lend you money for your Real Estate Investment goals, it most commonly originates from a financial institution like Stratton Equities. For Real Estate Investors at any level of experience private money is useful to close larger deals.

Unlike conventional investment property loans that max out at 70% LTV, a Soft Money Mortgage Program maxes at 85% LTV and with no PMI. This allows the borrower to put less money down on their purchase.

Private lenders understand how important your time is - as opposed to conventional loans and traditional financial institutions (like banks)  who then broker your loan application out to other banks and waste time, our loan officers can get back to you with your pre-approval for a loan within 24 hours.


Private lenders who utilize Soft Money Loan programs must first qualify a mortgage borrower’s income, liabilities, and monthly debt payments to determine whether the borrower can successfully pay back the loan in the future. To successfully qualify for a Soft Money loan, real estate investors must fit the strict requirements set by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This approval process requires borrowers to submit extensive documentation concerning their credit history, income, assets, and monthly debt payments, which usually takes well over a month to complete.


If you have an investment  property that needs a quick turnaround without stringent guidelines, NON-QM and Soft Money loans because they do not need to abide by these strict guidelines! This means that Soft Money private lenders like Stratton Equities, can provide faster service and approval to more types of real estate investment opportunities.

Are You First Time Real Estate Investor?

You're in the right place! Stratton Equities helped thousands of first time real estate investors and experienced borrowers on their investment properties.
Our team of loan officers will walk real estate beginners through the entire loan process to  ensure you're well informed about soft money lending.
As a soft money lender and private money lender, we are fully equipped to help you with all real estate investing programs.